ABOUT THE FILM: The Secret of I.B. Castle

The Secret of I.B. Castle deals with the schism which was shaking Yugoslavia at the international level until Stalin's death in 1953. In the I.B. castle, the head of the house (Nenad Lhotka, the most famous Croatian ballet dancer of the time, particularly known for...

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The most widely known works of the short-film provocative satire production are those directed by Ante Babaja, who makes fun of social opportunists, careerists, slaves to fashion and the like. His most praised short satire is Justice (1962, Zagreb Film, 10 min), in...

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COPEAM- the permanent Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators – is a no-profit organisation devoted  to the promotion of dialog and cultural integration in the Mediterranean Region, troughout the involment of the major players of the audiovisual...

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The system of collective implementation of audiovisual copyright and similar rights

DHFR performs the activity of collective implementation of copyright and similar rights for authors of audiovisual works and film producers, based on the approval of the State Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Croatia and the Copyright and Related Rights Act, as well as the Cooperation Agreement in the Field of Collective Implementation of Audiovisual Rights concluded with the Croatian Producers Association (HRUP) and the Croatian Cinematographers Society (HFS).

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Oktavijan Miletić

A genuine pioneer of Croatian film, was born in a distinguished family of Stjepan Miletić, director of the Croatian National Theater and founder of modern Croatian theater.

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Zagreb cinemas in the early 20th century

In 1982, in the film periodical Filmska kultura nos. 138,139, and 140, MEMORIES AND OPINOINS (SJEĆANJA I MIŠLJENJA) by Oktavijan Miletić were published. Excerpts from this text convincingly describe the existence of numerous cinemas in Zagreb in the early part of the 20th century

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The highlights of Zagreb

THE HIGHLIGHTS OF ZAGREB from 1934 is Miletić’s most widely known film from the pre-war period, and according to many, it is also his best film of that era. The ironic report about Zagreb as a metropolis highlights the most pressing municipal problems of that time

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THE 2017 CROATIAN FILM HERITAGE CONFERENCE is being organised by the Croatian Film Directors’ Guild and The Croatian State Archives/Croatian Film Archive.



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