The most widely known works of the short-film provocative satire production are those directed by Ante Babaja, who makes fun of social opportunists, careerists, slaves to fashion and the like. His most praised short satire is Justice (1962, Zagreb Film, 10 min), in which Babaja uses experimental method of live action animation, a double exposure effect and a wide-angle movements along the sight line, to produce a caricature-like effect of the action of characters who are fighting tooth and nail for their idea of justice. It is interesting to compare this film with Katić’s The Secret of I.B. Castle. Both films are stylized, dialogue-less allegories, and they both rely upon movement, but their messages are opposite. While Katić is convinced that justice will triumph eventually, Babaja mocks the naive belief that justice will prevail.

THE 2017 CROATIAN FILM HERITAGE CONFERENCE is being organised by the Croatian Film Directors’ Guild and The Croatian State Archives/Croatian Film Archive.



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