COPEAM– the permanent Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators – is a no-profit organisation devoted  to the promotion of dialog and cultural integration in the Mediterranean Region, troughout the involment of the major players of the audiovisual sector,among which the public service broadcasters from 26 countries in the area, besides professional and cultural associations,institutions, higher education and specialization structures, indipendent producers and local authorities of Europe, Balkans,North Africa and Middle East. Its mission is based on the principle of shared projects and goals among its members,exploting the multiplier potential of the network and  the inter-professionalism characterizing it. COPEAM activities are structured around  7 working commissions and Audiovisual  Heritage commisssion is one of them.  AHC works around the setting up  of projects devoted to the promotion, the safeguard and the digitization of the audiovisual archives of the Euro-Mediterranean broadcasters, with the purpose of preserving and entaching the audiovisual heritage of the region.

MAKING A STORY FROM ARCHIVES  CONTEST – being aware of the major role that archives play in building a common memory, the objective of the contest is to encourage the creative use of the archives among the young people via production of works promoting a larger mutual understanding of societies and cultures trough images and sounds from the past,able to corvey a strong message.

The contest is addressed to young professionals ,from 18-40 years old, internal to the broadcasters of the Balkan’s region that are active members of COPEAM.  The main topic to be developed is CULTURAL  HERITAGE ,thus offering the public an understanding of what heritage means for young generations, what is considered as fundamental in building up cultures and societes,what kind of aspects of the past can contribute to create the collective memory of the region. This topic is in line with COPEAm current priorities and has a great added value ni the perspective of 2018, the European Year of Cultural heritage

Croatian Radiotelevision, a member of COPEAM since  the foundation of the association, is also one of the initiators of the Contest  Making a Story From Archives  and the sponsor of the first Award Ceremony.



THE 2017 CROATIAN FILM HERITAGE CONFERENCE is being organised by the Croatian Film Directors’ Guild and The Croatian State Archives/Croatian Film Archive.



Croatian State Archives, Marulić square 21, 10000 Zagreb
The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb , Av. Dubrovnik 17, 10000 Zagreb

Ozana Ramljak, PhD
phone +385 99 707 53 33

Program committee:
Danilo Šerbedžija
Dinko Čutura
Zrinko Ogresta
Carmen Lhotka
Ozana Ramljak