Although the value of film heritage and the necessity of its preservation and public availability were clearly recognized and articulated back in 2008 when the UNESCO declared October 27 the World Day for Audivisual Heritage, many countries around the world are still slow in taking concrete steps in its protection. Many sound and video recordings and other audiovisual materials have been irrevocably lost through neglect, decay or technological obsolescence. The damage which has already been caused is beyond repair, and the lack of proper care for audiovisual heritage and its maintenance could result in the disappearance of the works that shape cultural, historical, social and political memory of mankind. Since the protection of audiovisual materials is a complex process which requires a number of legal, institutional, technical and financial steps and solutions, and in the case of the Croatian film heritage is also burdened by the fact that the property rights on Croatian film are still not fully legaly regulated, the necessity to encourage individuals and institutions to take urgent measures is more than obvious.

The conference on the Croatian film heritage is being organized as a response to the need to address this pressing problem without delay, and to address it in a professional, coherent way. For that purpose, the conference will bring together relevant speakers from different countries and different fields in the protection and preservation of film heritage, in order to raise general awareness of the importance of the Croatian film heritage as an integral part of national identity, to encourage finding prompt solutions to legal problems concerning authors’ and property rights, to examine technical and ethical parameters of the process, to compare European practices in the area, and to develop efficient models which will guarantee the preservation of the Croatian film heritage and its availability to future generations.

THE 2017 CROATIAN FILM HERITAGE CONFERENCE is being organised by the Croatian Film Directors’ Guild and The Croatian State Archives/Croatian Film Archive.



Croatian State Archives, Marulić square 21, 10000 Zagreb
The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb , Av. Dubrovnik 17, 10000 Zagreb

Ozana Ramljak, PhD
phone +385 99 707 53 33

Program committee:
Danilo Šerbedžija
Dinko Čutura
Zrinko Ogresta
Carmen Lhotka
Ozana Ramljak