The Secret of I.B. Castle deals with the schism which was shaking Yugoslavia at the international level until Stalin’s death in 1953. In the I.B. castle, the head of the house (Nenad Lhotka, the most famous Croatian ballet dancer of the time, particularly known for his role in „Romeo and Juliet“ with the legendary Ana Roje; in this film he is the choreographer as well) makes experiments with various bottled „provocations“ in his laboratory, until an important guest dressed in the Russian kosovorotka shirt arrives (opera singer Gregor Radev, the brother of the Croatian National Theatre prima donna Marijana Radev). The important guest reprimands him for inefficiency in regards to the „Monstrous Country“ (that is, Yugoslavia), and they immediately call a meeting of delegates from different governorates. Five delegates arrive (young Milko Šparemblek accompanied by Štefica Kiš, Ladislav Sertić, Zvonko Potkovac and Rudolf Malenčić), and once they are all there, they perform a magic ritual, creating the Resolution (Silvija Hercigonja, then one of the principal dancers and later an excellent ballet pedagogue) who appears from a cauldron in shape of a young woman. Her resurrection calls for a bacchanal celebration…

The Secret of I.B. Castle was inspired by The Second Resolution, a one-act-play staged at Kerempuh Merry Theatre, and is one of the three film adaptations of that theatre’s one-act-plays filmed by Jadran film from 1950 to 1951. Just like Profesor Budalastov by Branko Marjanović and Oktavijan Miletić, and Kerempuhov dnevnik by Bogdan Maračić, Katić’s film was never publicly screened in ex-Yugoslavia.

THE 2017 CROATIAN FILM HERITAGE CONFERENCE is being organised by the Croatian Film Directors’ Guild and The Croatian State Archives/Croatian Film Archive.



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